Vicki Campbell

I am a painter and mixed media artist.  I enjoy using a variety of mediums, styles and materials, individually and in combination.  I have a BA honours in applied art and design.


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This page is divided into the following four headings: Venice, Acrylic and Oil, Watercolour and Drawing


These five images were created using collage and acrylic ink.  They featured in an exhibition by iD Artists in November 2016 at the Heritage Courtyard Gallery, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2RR.  They will be on show at the Old Town Quarry, Weston-super-Mare from 27th April to 11th May 2017.  Inspiration was from my own and my friends travels.

Gallery of Acrylic and Oil Paintings


The images show landscape, abstract and still life studies.


Gallery of Watercolours