I trained in printed textiles and was a lecturer in surface pattern and fine art printmaking. I am interested in all forms of print and mixed media including silk-screen, monoprint, relief print and collage. I like to mix these techniques together to come up with one-off pieces. My work  has been selected for the RWA Open Exhibitions in 2013,2015 and 2016

Contact me on 07816 250684 or alison2newson@aol.com

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Ali Clayton

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I Wish I Hadn't Sat at the Back In Science


Work based on the wall charts and posters and diagrams I gazed at during science lessons.

I have always liked classical architecture.  The ideas for these images are taken from buildings in Florence, Sienna and Rome.

Do It Yourself: No Skill Required!


This work was inspired by my frustration when trying to put together a self-assembly high-chair.

The hand-tools belonged to my step-father Irwin, who always had the right tools for the right job.


Combining roller prints, offsetting and transfer drawing. Oil-based printing inks.

Sailing Home


This series is based on the journeys my missionary great-grand-parents made from the Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific back to England.

High and Dry



Sketchbook pages based on walks along the beach after a storm.

Transience and Mutability.


images include a flower from a pumpkin plant, a death's-head hawk moth, architectural fragments from Ostia Antica and Icarus taking flight.


All beauty fades and decays.

Going back to my roots as a textile designer and exploring pattern and colour.